Vitality offers health insurance, life insurance and investments. Our core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. We do this by encouraging and incentivising positive behaviour that creates economic and health benefits  that are good for our clients, good for us and good for society. We call this our Shared Value model. 


At the core of the model is our Vitality Programme. It is designed to help clients build a healthier, more financially secure future. They benefit from better health and tangible financial benefits, such as lower product charges on their investments and valuable rewards. For us, the longer clients invest, the more we earn and the more we can share back in the form of lower product charges and further incentives. This fuels a self-reinforcing cycle of value creation and health improvement. In the process, we reduce the burden on public finances and health care systems with society benefiting from a healthier, more financially secure population.

The Vitality programme is the largest incentive-based wellness programme in the world, and a key benefit to our members. It has over 5 million members, and those members earned £65 million worth of rewards in 2017 alone.


Across the Vitality programme we give members discounts on things that are good for them such as gym membership, smoking cessation, health screens etc. We offer rewards to encourage our members to make positive changes to their health and use technology such as wearable devices to track progress. Plus, our members can also make savings on their premiums and charges. The healthier they are the less they pay.