Zoetis Seeks to Improve The Quality of Life for Pets

Total Media & Pixability

Client: Zoetis

More than a third of global households own pets with the most popular being dogs and cats. At some stage in their lifetime, dogs and cats are affected by Osteoarthritis which can have a significant impact on their quality of life. To help raise awareness of this condition, Total Media partnered with Pixability for Zoetis' YouTube Osteoarthritis Awareness Campaign to inform pet owners on identifying signs of this condition in their pets.

Knowing that YouTube is the second most important source of information for highly conscientious pet owners after their vet, Zoetis hoped to leverage the platform to increase awareness of this condition and ultimately improve the quality of life for pets suffering from it. Pixability, a member of the YouTube Measurement Programme, created a brand suitable and insights-driven YouTube campaign that would maximise reach and engagement among this target audience. The campaign’s call to action encouraged pet owners to contact their vet for further diagnosis and treatment plans. The Pixability team leveraged their proprietary insights to understand pet owners’ online behaviors at the various stages of the pet ownership lifecycle. These insights informed a segmentation strategy and the team was able to develop creative to target each segment. Additionally, the global campaign was comprised of different creative assets that focused on a different symptom of OA to consider and tailored to cat or dog owners. The campaign performed exceptionally well. It reached 24.4 million unique users, delivered 28.9 million completed views and achieved a 42.3% completion rate.