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Zenus Bank

Client: Zenus Bank

Zenus has transformed global access to US banking by offering a streamlined process for  individuals to open US bank accounts and instantly receive virtual Visa Infinite debit cards  through their app. This breakthrough eliminates the historical limitations tied to US  citizenship or residency. With a vision to provide people worldwide with the security,  freedom, and convenience of US banking, Zenus conducted extensive research and  preparation for the launch of their Zenus Visa Infinite debit card.  

Through comprehensive market research and target audience analysis, Zenus developed  effective marketing strategies and identified a wide range of viable markets, including  Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, among others. They tailored their campaigns to these  markets by leveraging well-targeted ad copy and creatives based on audience personas and  relevant keywords. Their optimization efforts across advertising channels have yielded  remarkable results, achieving over 2.1 million app store users, 50,000 app downloads, and 200% increase in new clients' acquisition.