Zenus Bank - Growing Team, Growing Ambitions

Zenus Bank

Client: Zenus Bank

Zenus Bank has transformed access to US banking services globally, enabling individuals and  businesses in 180 countries to open accounts and obtain premium Visa debit cards without  US residency or citizenship. Through strategic marketing efforts of Marketers Beyond  Borders, including market research and targeted campaigns, Zenus has achieved significant  milestones. Highlights include extensive PR reach, online impressions, and media coverage in  multiple languages and continents. Paid advertising campaigns across 43 markets and 9  digital channels resulted in millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of clicks. Zenus' rebranding efforts received recognition at the Hermes Creative Awards. 

The acquisition campaign witnessed a remarkable 200% increase in new clients' acquisition since the creation of the Marketers Beyond Borders (MBBs), with millions of App Store and  Google Play store visitors and tens of thousands of app downloads. An influencer campaign  on Instagram and TikTok achieved substantial reach, engagement, and follower growth.  

Zenus Bank's efforts have resulted in a doubling of new account openings, establishing their  success in expanding global access to US banking services.