WWF achieves 43,325 petition signatures in under 3 weeks thanks to a highly reactive paid social campaign


Client: WWF

COVID-19 originated in animals but jumped to humans. Destruction of the natural environment led to the pandemic outbreak and is increasing the likelihood of similar pandemics happening in future - but the general public are largely unaware of this.

As the world’s leading environmental charity, WWF is in a unique position to educate and inform the public about the connection between the destruction of nature and pandemics such as COVID-19. WWF approached Tug to raise awareness of the link between ecocide and pandemics. Their goal was to reach as many people as possible and connect with them in an impactful way, driving them to sign a petition calling on global leaders to take action to prevent future pandemics. WWF’s objectives for this campaign were to reach a broad audience and gather signatures on their petition to prevent pandemics. WWF gave Tug these targets: Raise awareness of the link between ecocide and pandemics Achieve 8 million impressions Drive 13,600 petition signatures Achieve CTR of 0.71% Achieve CPA of £1.25. Overall the campaign reached 18,332,412 people and had a huge impact, with 43,325 petition signatures in total. It achieved a CTR of 1.29%, and a CPA of £0.39, exceeding all of the objectives set by the client. The target was exceeded by nearly 30,000, putting WWF in a stronger position when campaigning to world leaders to protect nature and prevent future pandemics.