VEVE drove incremental reach and boosted sales for TUI, delivering a ROAS of 20X


Client: TUI

TUI Group, a leading leisure, travel, and tourism company based in Germany, partnered with VEVE to expand its marketing efforts beyond traditional channels and tap into the untapped potential of OEM and browser advertising. With the goal of boosting sales, acquiring new customers, and eliminating competition, VEVE devised a strategic plan to position TUI as the go-to booking partner for high-intent audiences.


By placing TUI Tiles on the start pages of mobile and desktop browsers, such as Samsung Internet and Microsoft Edge, VEVE ensured that TUI was prominently visible to users during their pre-search environment. This innovative approach allowed TUI to capture the attention of consumers early in their purchase journey, maximising the chances of becoming their preferred booking partner.


Additionally, VEVE utilised Impact, high-impact native banner ads, to drive incremental reach and build awareness around TUI's deals and offers during key sale periods. The synergy between TUI Tiles and Impact ads created a seamless user experience, triggering brand awareness and facilitating easy access to the TUI website. The results of the campaign were impressive, with TUI emerging as the consumers' de-facto booking partner. The partnership with VEVE enabled TUI to reach 20 million DAUs in the UK, resulting in a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 20X. Overall, this successful collaboration between TUI Group and VEVE not only solidified TUI's position in the market but also fostered a lasting connection with customers, delivering exceptional value and experiences.