Unlocking the Power of Connected Commerce for L'OR

Havas Media

Client: JDE L'OR

In 2022, L'OR, a division of global coffee powerhouse Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), launched their first barista-style coffee machine on the fiercely competitive British market. Facing established major players such as Nespresso and De'Longhi posed a formidable obstacle, but Havas devised a multifaceted plan to propel L'OR to success.

Havas meticulously crafted a Connected Commerce strategy encompassing Brand, Performance, and Ecommerce. A well-timed television advertising campaign, followed by BVOD, established holiday season momentum. Utilising programmatic and social channels, the brand was able to reach a larger audience, with DCO ensuring seamless user journeys. An innovative partnership with Acast and influencer campaigns boosted engagement, while Ecommerce activations such as Collections Ads and Carousels increased conversions. Despite the competitive environment, the outcomes were impressive: Branded queries and website traffic increased by an astounding 305%. Media surpassed its contribution goal of 25 percentage points to DTC sales. PPC campaigns significantly outperformed expectations by 16%. Sales at Amazon exceeded expectations by 5%. Affiliates programme outperformed expectations by an astounding 305%. L'OR defied the odds and consolidated its position in a market dominated by titans through the marriage of innovation and strategic execution. This accomplishment is a testament to the effectiveness of a well-coordinated, innovative, and meticulously executed strategy. The collaboration between L'OR and Havas introduced a revolutionary product and reshaped market dynamics, demonstrating the power of perceptive strategy and accurate execution.