UN Women - Turning Hard News into Hard Donations


Client: UN Women

On 6th February 2023, a devastating earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria devastating an area the size of the UK. Over 55,000 people lost their lives, and more than 100,000 were injured and searching for their relatives. We wanted to help. But being 2,106 miles away, where would we start?

UN Women is the leader in helping women and children in disaster zones, so we approached them to see how we could help. Sadly, natural disaster financial support has a shelf life - dictated by headline potential and the news cycle. After two weeks in the news, donations and interest takes a dramatic dip- especially in nations not directly impacted by the disaster. We found a solution that would not only drive donations for UN Women, but support quality journalism and prove the efficacy of often unsold inventory. The results went way beyond expectations. The campaign, which spanned across two weeks, resulted in a 3,600% uplift in donations for UN Women’s earthquake appeal.