The Zen way: Breaking from tradition to shake up the new car market


Client: ZenAuto

ZenAuto is a new and vibrant B2C sister company of the Zenith Group, who have been leasing fleets of cars to big businesses for the last thirty years.

Their ambition was to challenge the traditional norms and behaviours of the car leasing category with an offering more aligned to the demands of modern, digital consumers. Compared to the old way of leasing a car, the Zen Way is a whole new proposition - 100% online, more flexible, more affordable and altogether more convenient. We were tasked to disrupt the market with a new brand proposition, transform that proposition into a creative concept and execute a best in class digital media strategy, all to drive higher brand awareness in a cluttered market. We smashed our targets by increasing the share of search by 5pp, and delivering 100% of our order target for the quarter.