The Secret Not So Secret

THG Society

Client: Secret Sales

THG Society is THG Ingenuity’s 360 influencer marketing solution and home to one of the world's largest influencer networks. Our team works with brands and influencers across all sectors and territories around the globe, taking a data driven approach to influencer marketing, delivering tangible results for brands.

When a leading UK off-price marketplace was exploring how influencer marketing could help them to grow brand awareness and increase performance in the UK market, they chose to partner with THG Society, leverage our incredible network of Influencers knowing they would drive results. Over a 5-month of campaign, THG Society secured close to 60 influencers, renown for sharing engaging fashion and lifestyle content. These campaigns showcased Secret Sales to a new audience of over 9.1M combined, leading to a 964% revenue increase between July and November 2021. To ensure the success of this campaign, we used Society’s proprietary Match Maker tool that utilises machine learning to match up influencers with brands and forecast revenue outcomes. Our data team also developed a bespoke attribution model that allowed us to track all last-click and non-last click sales and report on performance.