The Sale Before The Sale


Client: BrandAlley, the UK's leading off-price premium and luxury brand e-tailer, conducted a successful Black Friday campaign titled 'The Sale Before The Sale.' By launching the campaign a month ahead of traditional Black Friday, BrandAlley captured customer demand in a less competitive space. The tagline 'You Want It, We Got It' emphasised the extensive product range and the opportunity to purchase big-ticket items at exceptional discounts ahead of the official Black Friday. Through collaborative efforts, including compelling visuals, curated messaging, and strategic promotion across various channels, the campaign achieved impressive results. Year-over-year it generated a 52% increase in revenue, an 87% higher email open rate, a 230% increase in video view rate on YouTube, a 60% decrease in cost per sale in paid media, and substantial growth in organic social media engagement and influencer reach. Overall, the campaign effectively differentiated BrandAlley, drove revenue, attracted new members, and reinforced its position as a premier online retailer.