The Mixer


Client: Campari Group

The Mixer is an all-in-one ‘drinkspiration’ platform providing everything needed to make any event or occasion a big success. The Mixer brings together data and editorial written by Food, Beverage & Lifestyle experts to inspire sparkling, memorable moments through cocktail making at home with friends and loved ones. As a brand-agnostic platform with a distinct brand identity and SEO-content strategy, The Mixer enables the Campari Group to capture audiences at their moment of need by answering on unbranded drinks and events related queries through world-class storytelling.

By securing this award, we would not only celebrate our achievements but also shed light on the possibilities for new websites to thrive in an already fiercely competitive market. It would serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with a well-executed strategy and unwavering passion, it is indeed possible to make a significant impact and carve out a distinct space in the industry.