The Domino's Effect: How Fusing Attention & Context Data Made Sales Fall in Place

Havas Media

Client: Domino's x Gum Gum

In a dwindling takeaway market, Domino’s UK urgently needed the attention of new customers to drive pizza sales and gain market share.

Although many programmatic media owners offered technology to optimise towards Attention, the methodology relied on historical campaign data and did not consider the surrounding media context. Against the changing behaviour of the cost-of-living crisis, Havas Media Group needed an immediate, innovative media solution that fused real-time context and attention. In a global first, we fused the technology of two companies, GumGum and Playground XYZ. By combining GumGum’s contextual technology, with Playground xyz’s attention-time technology, we gained the attention of new customers, delivered sales over target, and grew market share.