Tennis Experts’ Influence Proves an Ace for ASICS on the Partnerize Platform


Client: ASICS

In the world of athletics footwear and apparel (in this case, tennis footwear and apparel), the influence that tennis experts can impart on retail sales cannot be underscored enough. However, in the case of ASICS, they sought to go a step further by measuring the impact of this influence inside the affiliate channel, specifically on the Partnerize platform.

ASICS sought to satisfy both soft and hard targets. By building a strong, connected community of tennis coaches, ASICS is represented both on and off the court. Recommended by influential people (tennis coaches), and garnering trusted reviews from tennis experts and feedback on product development. With objectives to secure 175 expert reviews, achieve a 200% ROI for online and offline sales, as well as drive 30% online sales from offline activities, ASICS surpassed their initial objective target for expert reviews by +240%, for offline/online sales, they exceeded their target by 165%, of the objective, and for online sales, they exceeded their target by 5%. These results only prove that the influence of tennis experts is an ace for ASICS affiliate program on the Partnerize platform.