Taking the Zenus Infinite Debit Card Global

Zenus Bank

Client: Zenus Bank

Taking the Zenus Infinite Debit Card Global Zenus has transformed access to US banking by offering a seamless way for people worldwide to open a US bank account and receive a  virtual Visa Infinite debit card. Our goal is to acquire new active clients and achieve global  scalability. We conducted thorough market research and launched effective marketing  campaigns, focusing on key launch markets such as Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.  Preparations included market research, persona analysis, and a new website launch.  

Following the launch of the Zenus Visa Infinite debit card, digital marketing campaigns were activated across 43 markets on 4 continents, resulting in over 2.1 million app store visitors,  50,000 app downloads, and a significant increase in paid clients. Email campaigns and press  releases garnered high engagement and reach across multiple languages and continents.  The efforts combined have led to a 200% increase in new clients' acquisition, showcasing the  success and impact of Zenus' initiatives. Through strategic planning and customer-centric  approaches, Zenus continues to work confidently towards achieving their goals, generating  momentum and excitement in the process.