Starcom & Ancestry: OneSearch Gives One Vision To Ancestry, Driving £360k Of Annual Savings - Reinvested to Drive 16% Annual Incremental Free Trials

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Ancestry

Our OneSearch campaign with Ancestry has been a bold and transformative step towards a new horizon of search advertising. Thanks to a fantastic working relationship between client and agency, as true business partners, we were able to approach an age-old challenge of how to measure paid and organic search and find an innovative and impactful solution.

By pausing paid search keywords when organic results rank in first position, we not only saw brilliant results, with £360k of annualized savings to be invested into incremental growth (+16% growth YoY), but we were also able to prove a concept of viewing the search landscape holistically, and continuously drive Ancestry’s marketing program to the forefront of the industry. Winning this award would be testament to the amazing results and success of our OneSearch campaign, but also to the strength of our partnership and marketing program with Ancestry.