Sowing the seeds for long-term growth

Go Inspire Group

Client: Dobbies Garden Centres Limited

The Challenge:

Deliver measurable growth and improved marketing performance vs. business KPI benchmarks: 80% ROI £5:1 SCR 20% EBIT 40% Response Rate •Demonstrate the contribution of free Dobbies Club benefits to ofrequency oadditional revenue oAverage Customer Value (ACV) •Facilitate hyper-personalised communications for each Club member mailing The Strategy: •Determine most relevant combinations of products, offers, discounts and content for each individual Dobbies Club Plus member, by developing a multi-layered targeting model built on: ounique segmentation ousage clusters okey category analysis odiscount optimisation strategies •Design, execute and optimise a test and learn approach and apply learnings to improve performance The Results •199% YoY increase in incremental revenue •215% Return on Investment (ROI) vs a benchmark of 80% •£6.92:1 Sales to Cost Ratio (SCR) vs Benchmark £5:1 •32% EBIT vs Benchmark 20% •45% Response vs Benchmark 40% •17% Increase in average frequency of visits •10% Increase in Average Customer Value (ACV) •15% increase in customers scoring 9/10 on NPS