Social Intelligence allows for improved creative uplifts of 15-20%


With the huge increase in expectations of performance measurement, competitor insights are crucial yet more challenging to acquire than ever. This is particularly the case for Social Media. Within Performics, there was huge demand for an affordable, efficient tool that provided a strong and reliable understanding of competitor Social investment. The tool needed to enable future planning and to give clients powerful insights. The Technology & Intelligence team at Performics build modular, lightweight technology and solutions. These solutions bridge the gap between advertiser needs and the platforms. The team were determined to create an efficient solution from a technological and monetary standpoint. We are proud of 'Social Intelligence' - a sophisticated data-driven tool that breaks through blockers by providing a solid understanding of competitor investment. The insights it provides have enabled increases in creative uplifts. Additionally, it has saved a high amount of time in planning and analysis. It would mean a huge amount to win this award, and for Technology & Intelligence at Performics to showcase within the fantastic Performance Marketing World Awards!