Innovation & data-led learning leads to 160% ROAS growth

Rakuten Advertising

Client: Molton Brown

The Molton Brown Friends and Family promotion in May 2020 was huge success thanks to the strength of the brand’s partnership with Rakuten Advertising. Run annually for over four years so far, when the pandemic hit, the Friends and Family campaign needed to align with the 2020 goals of conversion growth and budget efficiencies. However, creativity was needed to formulate an innovative strategy to target potential customers in a way that would be sensitive enough during the current climate. As such, the campaign trialed new ways to reach audiences, effectively combined both manual and automated optimisations, and utilised Molton Brown’s first party customer data. This led to an unprecedented 160% growth year-over-year in ROAS – smashing the original 20% ROAS growth target – as well as providing invaluable granular learnings that will contribute to the success of future Friends and Family campaigns.