Rakuten Advertising: Cultivating a Local Mindset to Grow Globally

Rakuten Advertising

Client: Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising started this industry, and we’re still the ones who know it best. With 25 years of global affiliate experience, 200+ million orders and 1.2+ billion consumers worldwide, brands work with us specifically for our talent, expertise and global e-commerce presence. The Advertising Rakuten teams outthink and outperform the competition by running successful affiliate campaigns for our clients that meet their goals— and it shows. Last year, our global accounts saw a 44% YoY sales growth.

We have the highest-quality network with the right people driving performance for their clients. Through our Publisher team, more than half of our diverse group of publishers are unique to our network. They also drive higher traffic than all the other competing networks at an average of 177.6M monthly visits, with finance publishers seeing 2.2X more traffic than the next highest competitor. Client and Analyst teams work closely with our clients and partners to understand what they need to succeed, so we can implement ideal strategies and tackle new opportunities to drive the highest revenue of any network. We're in the business of creating brand and publisher relationships that drive advertising that outperforms expectations.