PRA Group's Global Inclusion Week

PRA Group

Client: PRA Group

Established in 1996, PRA Group (Nasdaq: PRAA) is a publicly traded global financial services company and an industry leader in the nonperforming loan asset class. When PRA Group’s UK business began celebrating Inclusive Employers’ “National Inclusion Week,” the company saw an opportunity to create its own Global Inclusion Week (GIW) in 2021. This annual corporate social responsibility initiative is designed to educate and inspire employees and foster an inclusive work environment across all 18 of its countries of operation, as well as remote workers located around the world.

During its second annual GIW from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, 2022, PRA Group elevated its purpose-driven internal and external communications and enhanced inter-departmental and international collaboration. The company adapted previously localized approaches into a series of thought-provoking global virtual webinars, panels and discussion groups featuring bespoke DEI topics and subject matter experts. One of the highlights was partnering with The Human Library to host personal conversations meant to challenge stigma and stereotypes with “human books,” openly, in a safe space. Compared with the previous year, GIW 2022 increased employee engagement 235% and doubled social media engagement. GIW has proven a critical part of the company's work to foster a unified, high-performing, and inclusive culture in which every employee is invested, worldwide.