Very Important Pets (VIP) Club

Go Inspire Group

Client: Pets at Home

Pets at Home operate in a very competitive market facing immense headwinds, they are growing by differentiating through expertise and shared empathy for pets, using data driven marketing. The VIP Club is operated by Pets at Home, in conjunction with Go Inspire. Members receive highly personalised CRM across direct mail, email and the App.

This CRM drives c£34m in incremental revenue and increased retention by 10.4% YoY. Through the VIP Club members give £2m to local pet charities of their choice, 2% of Group profits, putting “pets before profit”. Last year membership grew by 7.5m to 8.6m members with 24.3m pets. The uniqueness is the level of personalisation and attention to detail in this: the Rewards Mailer goes out to 2.4m customers 6 times year, in each execution there are over 158m possible permutations!