Partnering to exponentially increase performance marketing

Precise TV

Client: Skinny Foods and Cannon Digital Marketing

Precise TV is the world’s first and leading YouTube advertising platform. The award-winning contextual intelligence platform leverages a combination of proprietary machine learning models to connect brands to the video moments that matter across YouTube, TikTok and connected TV, driving full funnel business outcomes for advertisers looking to limit media wastage. Precise TV is a member of the IAB Gold Standard and JICWEBS certified Brand Safe.

Back in 2018, Skinny Foods Co-Founders, James and Wayne, were moved by the desire to enhance the relationship their diabetic family members had with food. This heartfelt motivation spurred them on to embark on a mission to offer healthier, lower calorie food alternatives. Kicking off with Ketchup and Barbecue sauce, their product range has expanded exponentially, now encompassing over 500 remarkable offerings. Yet, throughout this remarkable growth, their unwavering vision has remained constant. They are steadfast in their commitment to empowering individuals to enjoy their favourite foods, without compromising their well-being. Skinny Foods are also at the forefront of the latest wave of brands seeking ways to increase sales and brand awareness with targeted video ad investments. They are utilising our cutting-edge technology and advanced media buying practices to make conversion-based video advertising a reality. Joining forces with us via their agency, Cannon Digital Marketing, Skinny Foods have garnered a 189% increase in brand searches, a relative uplift in brand awareness of 19% and an overall campaign ROAS of 4.5x.