Nadim Sadek

Client: ProQuo AI

Since launching in 2019, ProQuo AI has grown to just under 100 team-members, boasting a +500% annual growth rate and drawing over £12m in investment.

ProQuo AI’s Founder and CEO Nadim Sadek’s leadership and experience have been fundamental to its growth and direction. The company has a high-performance low-friction culture, characterised by a collaborative, communicative spirit. This is underpinned by Nadim establishing an ownership model whereby every single team member is a part-owner of the business. A hands-on and present CEO, Nadim continues to cultivate an uplifting environment by personally hosting weekly all-company meetings and ensuring he regularly meets with staff for one-to-ones. He also passionately spearheads the company’s diversity, inclusion, culture, sustainability and ethics programme and all company benefits, which include a wellness programme, access to Calm and a day off for birthdays and the company’s foundation day. An expert in the marketing domain and truly ahead of his time, Nadim spotted a gap in the market to create the first and only brand management platform that harnesses the power of AI to serve custom action-plans for businesses, completely tailored to brands’ growth goals. With ProQuo AI, brand managers set commercial success targets for their brand, and every day, ProQuo AI shows them the exact marketing actions to take to get there, giving marketers the confidence that investments in their brand deliver back on sales. The easy-to-use software-as-a-service subscription product works with some of the world’s most exciting start-ups and challenger brands such as Tony’s Chocolonely and Harry’s.