Making the complex topic of climate change inspiring, accessible and understandable to everyone


Client: WWF

As the world’s leading environmental charity, WWF is in a unique position to shift the narrative around climate change to be more positive and hopeful to continue to inspire people to take action. With the ability to speak to a huge global audience, together, WWF & Tug have used the power of social media storytelling to help save the planet.

Demonstrating the impact of WWF’s work within local communities and sharing statistics and messages that a global audience can relate to shifts the feeling of disaster fatigue and hopelessness towards climate change into actionable bitesize segments where people can act and actually see a difference. Spending £20,505 to reach over 300 million people globally demonstrates the huge power of social media storytelling. WWF has undeniably made a huge impact from this campaign by continuing to raise awareness, shift the narrative to encourage positive sentiment and make the complex topic of climate change more inspiring, accessible and understandable to everyone.