Making Digital Work Harder with Data Insights

Tug Agency

Client: Milk & More

Müller bought Milk & More in 2018, a milk delivery business aiming to expand its product offering and grow its digital customer base. Tug and Milk & More have a long-standing agency/client relationship spanning over 10 years.

We worked with Milk & More to help them mitigate revenue loss due to the UK’s cost of living crisis. With inflation causing their prices to rise, we needed to focus on consumers interested in luxury-based products - Milk & More’s main offering. A cross-channel approach combined programmatic, PPC, affiliate marketing, paid social and SEO to drive registrations. Our Data and Insights team provided detailed audience location insights, allowing us to target areas with a greater proportion of high-net-worth individuals. With 20,000+ new registrations in 2022 - at a CPR 16% cheaper than target - and over 16 million impressions, we made digital work harder and drove new sources of revenue for the business.