LTK x Harvey Nichols


Client: Harvey Nichols

When the consumer trend “revenge shopping” swept across Asia towards the end of Q1 in 2020, Harvey Nichols came to LTK with the aim to increase its total program market share during key promotions planned for the year. Targeting growth across the luxury sector with AB APAC consumers, a ROI goal of 3x was the focus for H2 2020.

Both parties set out to increase Harvey Nichols’ sales by collaborating, for the first time, on a paid sponsored campaign with LTK’s strategically cast influencers in their targeted regions. Tapping into a network of influencers with a proven ability to convert for the luxury category in APAC, the objective was to increase its total program sales by 300% YoY. The key periods the campaign focused on were during the brand’s limited promotions. These ran in short three-four day bursts in line with discount-driven messaging for key holidays such as South Korea Thanksgiving, Chinese Golden Week, and Singles Day. All with a view on building traction in APAC through bespoke time-sensitive influencer marketing.