LoopMe’s Sales Team grows PurchaseLoop product to solve attribution, measurement and targeting issues for advertisers


Against the backdrop of intensifying privacy regulations, advertisers are seeking alternative campaign measurement and targeting strategies. Basic proxy metrics brands used to rely on, such as clicks and views, are no longer fit for purpose. LoopMe’s Sales Team saw a gap in the market to drive innovation by developing a new metric to fulfil the need for mid-funnel measurement and make brand performance more mature.

PurchaseLoop was launched five years ago to offer brands holistic campaign measurement and accurate attribution. It optimises digital advertising in real-time, using AI technology to measure awareness, consideration, favourability, intent, foot-traffic and offline sales. Since the initial brand uplift guarantee in partnership with The Very Group in January 2021, LoopMe has built on this success with its first benchmarks for ad outcomes. This means LoopMe has a playbook to sell and trade off of ad outcomes, and advertisers can compare their performance to similar campaigns.