Kubi Springer

Client: Avantgarde Middle East

The LIWA Festival, organized by the DCT, sought to expand its target market for December 2022 from thrill-seekers to families, children, and regional visitors, with a goal of attracting at least 20,000 ticket sales. The objective was to highlight the Liwa Desert as an iconic heritage site and an attractive getaway destination. This led to the creation of LIWA Village, an oasis city merging Emirati heritage with motorsports to offer an elevated experience.

Kubi Springer, Avantgarde's Director of Brand Marketing, played a vital role in leading a team of 30 individuals to bring the LIWA Village to life. She emphasized blending old and new elements to create a central attraction during the festival, with music, art, fashion, and culture. Despite the tight timeline of six weeks, Kubi managed the execution, aligning marketing messages with design and programming concepts. The efforts resulted in a successful omni-channel campaign, surpassing expectations with a total footfall of 78,511 visitors. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan requested an extension of the festival for another week, totaling three weeks. The campaign also achieved significant media coverage, a notable social media reach of 25.3 million, collaborations with 178 influencers, and a remarkable PR value of 10.2 million. LIWA Village successfully integrated itself into the LIWA Fest Calendar and is set to return in the Winter of 2023, showcasing Kubi Springer's effective leadership and strategic marketing approach.