Integration between Amobee and ID5 enables wine brand Gusbourne, and agency Jaywing, to increase conversion rate by 95% while reducing CPA by 23%

Amobee and ID5

Client: Jaywing and Gusbourne

With nearly 50% of UK traffic being unaddressable due to restrictions on third-party cookies in Safari, Firefox, and Edge, it is becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to deploy people-based campaigns across devices effectively. Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR also require

buyers operating in Europe to obtain users’ consent to target them with personalised ads across their devices. For this reason, the leading demand-side platform, Amobee, started to evaluate identity solutions enabling their European clients to effectively reach their audiences across all browsers and devices in a GDPR-compliant way. After integrating ID5’s IdentityCloud, Amobee chose to leverage ID5’s cross-device capabilities in a direct-response display campaign that they ran with their client, Gusbourne, alongside agency, Jaywing and significantly increased conversions of their target audience at a more competitive price whilst ensuring that people’s privacy preferences were respected.