INFUSEmedia Supports Business During COVID-19 Pandemic


Client: INFUSEmedia

At INFUSEmedia, we were fortunate to be in the position to support businesses of all sizes throughout the toughest periods of the lockdown. As a demand generation company, we could provide sales pipeline and revenue opportunities at a time when one lead could mean the difference between a business failing or surviving.

Our initial plan was simple: deliver 100 high-quality leads to 100 companies, whose sales pipelines risked being depleted through no fault of their own, at absolutely zero cost or obligation. The program was originally planned through the end of March 2020. However, after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from companies across almost every vertical, and in alliance with the Federal Government’s “30 days to slow the spread,” we decided to extend the program through the end of April. At that point, we realized that the pandemic was taking a long-term hold on small and medium-sized businesses and that we had to do more to support recovery. The Business Reopening Toolkit program launched in Q as an extension of the Free 100 program, continuing to deliver free leads, while also providing valuable resources (such as competitor analysis, advertising creative, and educational resources) to support sustainable demand generation efforts. We focused our efforts where they were needed most -- those small and medium-sized businesses that were on the brink of closures.