Incubeta for Nobody’s Child - Driving Fashionable Growth


Client: Nobody’s Child

Nobody's child tasked Incubeta with providing significant uplifts in traffic through high value, converting products and meeting ambitious growth targets whilst keeping budgets consistent with previous levels of spend. This became a challenge with their lack of presence in the market over the space of 2020 when they decided to pull back on marketing budgets, not to mention the significant increase in competition we saw with businesses investing heavily online during this period.

Our objectives were simple; increase market share, boost Google Shopping performance and drive significant revenue growth and ROAS for Nobody’s Child. Incubeta saw an opportunity to beat the competition by being dominant in the space where it really mattered. Incubeta built a bespoke data pipeline system to leverage first party Google Analytics data. This allowed us to take performance signals from the whole ecommerce landscape and apply it on a product by product basis. Our fully automated system enabled us to dynamically restructure our Shopping campaigns daily - maximising efficiency and revenue growth. The results of this structure were instantaneous. Across June - Aug 2021 we saw a 3752% increase in total revenue from Paid Shopping and a 115% increase in ROAS, as well as 37% increase in overall impression share within the competitive retail landscape.