How Samsung created a personalised shopping experience at home with AR technology


Client: Samsung

With lockdown’s becoming a new normal in the UK and shopping in-store becoming impossible for months on end, providing a personalised shopping experience for expensive goods was becoming a challenge for retailers.

Samsung UK were poised to launch their new Galaxy Watch3 in Q2 2021, with updated features and designs they knew would excited the market. However, they were faced with the issue of how to bring this product to life for their audience, when restrictions on in-store shopping were still prevalent and possible new restrictions always looming. Samsung UK needed an innovative, pandemic-safe way to bring their new Galaxy Watch3 to the market and allow people to experience the product upgrades from the comfort of their own home. Partnering with Starcom and Snapchat, Samsung UK took advantage of Snapchat’s brand new AR wrist detection technology that would allow Snapchat users to try-on the Galaxy Watch3, with all the new designs and watch faces from their bedrooms.