How innovation and collaboration launched an over-performing acqusition channel for

Juice & Jam


Founded in 2013, is a market leading, direct-to-consumer, online dog food subscription company, offering bespoke kibble tailored to the unique nutritional needs of dogs.

Juice & Jam is a direct marketing agency, providing innovation to sales and marketing campaigns, combining industry knowledge with sales, logistics and management to create bespoke solutions for client needs. Starting in March 2021, and Juice & Jam worked collaboratively to launch a telemarketing campaign to acquire subscribers. The purpose was to diversify the marketing channel mix, using highly trained, skilled event sales teams who were facing unemployment due to the COVID pandemic. Campaigns aim: convert warm leads into subscribers. Initially as a test channel, the activity was scaled as the team at Juice & Jam significantly over-delivered on target by 21%. scaled activity from June onwards due to consistent over-delivery. By Jan 2022, the channel had the strongest customer acquisition month since 2013, delivering just shy of 6,000 acquisitions. Campaign features: Calling warm leads generated via social campaigns pushing a competition mechanic. Introducing and signing up the prospective customer to a 1 month free trial of tailored dog food. Establishing a rapport with the brand to help retention of customers beyond the initial trial. Results: large customer acquisitions March 2021 - Jan 2022. Over-delivery of 21.1% against forecast. Conversion rate to second order 42.3% (+1.3% on forecast). Increased wet food uptake in trial from 3% to 34% increasing order value