How Charles Tyrwhitt automatically adapts to our ever-changing workwear choices using AI


Client: Charles Tyrwhitt

Sales fell off a cliff for Charles Tyrwhitt when lockdown hit and office workers were told to work from home. The brand lost its predictable office wear audience overnight.

Charles Tyrwhitt decided to invest in AI technology from retail experts Upp to ensure they could capture every last buyer, more effectively cope with the unpredictability of change, reduce acquisition costs and, ultimately, sell more inventory. Upp quickly discovered that almost a third of Charles Tyrwhitt's product lines (433) were not receiving enough clicks to generate a single conversion on Google Shopping, despite having full-time management on the account. Within just 24 hours of installation of Upp's technology, Charles Tyrwhitt started to see results. As of April 2021, despite the ever-changing predictability of office vs home working, Charles Tyrwhitt has seen a 40% increase in monthly UK orders, and a 14x return on investment in the technology platform.