How BMW Canada Increased Brand Metrics While Delivering A Carbon-Neutral Campaign with Sharethrough GreenPMPs


Client: BMW Canada

BMW’s main objective was to promote their branded content series aiming to convince potential EV consumers of their leadership and commitment to the environment. Delivering the campaign using Sharethrough GreenPMPs was the optimal solution to achieve their campaign objectives while also aligning with BMW’s overall commitment towards green initiatives by delivering a carbon- neutral campaign. In addition, by leveraging Sharethrough’s Enhanced Video as their main format, they were able to deliver their message at scale, reach a qualified audience, while also overachieving their video completion rate.

Sharethrough’s GreenPMPs™, an innovative Green Media Product, empower advertisers to deliver carbon-neutral digital campaigns by excluding high-emissions sites and those made solely for advertising purposes (MFAs), while simultaneously compensating for the remaining emissions through carbon-removal projects such as biomass energy conversion, reforestation and more!