Herdify X Whistl: Boosting door-drop success for Abel & Cole

Herdify & Whistl

Client: Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is an established brand with a loyal and engaged following. However, due to multi-box discounts and diminishing ROAS, acquisition costs were skyrocketing.

They wanted to use the power of their existing communities to find new customers, but didn’t know how to reach these communities in the real world (ie, not through their CRM or social channels). On average, their data showed that customers in areas with strong Abel & Cole communities spent 10% more than those in areas without. They wanted to focus their targeting on these locations, and opted for door drops as the performance activation channel. Herdify’s location insights enabled Abel & Cole to identify where their brand communities had formed in the real world – in the streets, towns and cities where community recommendations and word-of-mouth had the most influence over sales and brand growth. Herdify's AI technology, backed by 15 years of behavioural science research, helped Abel & Cole to harness their first-party customer data. Abel & Cole took advantage of the partnership between Herdify and Whistl to run a targeted door drop campaign. They combined Whistl’s proprietary modelling with Herdify’s AI-powered community detection tool to hyper-target prospects located in their brand community hotspots. The door drops provided a prompt to purchase following community recommendations, and the response rate was 120% higher than in non-community areas. Customers were then more likely to increase their order value (by 6.8%) because they were confident in their purchase, as a result of the community recommendation.