Global Runway to Digital Success

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Primark

Primark, a renowned retailer offering affordable fashion choices, embarked on a digital transformation to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry. Despite its focus on in-store trading, Primark recognized the need to engage with customers online and appointed Publicis as its agency partner to support. The key challenges were the lack of online visibility, the risk of losing customers to competitors in online journeys, and the headroom to enhance digital experiences.

To address these challenges, a new website was launched with improved functionality, including an expanded product catalogue, Stock Checker, and Click and Collect. Intent Based Planning (IBP), a proprietary data tool developed by Starcom in collaboration with Northwestern University, played a pivotal role in decoding user behavior and informing Primark's content strategy for the new website. Primark positioned itself as a source of fashion inspiration, employing demand-driven editorial pillars and a content calendar to cater to customers' fashion needs throughout the year. The UK website served as a blueprint for a global rollout, emphasizing agile processes and collaboration between Publicis and Primark teams. The results were transformative, with significant organic traffic growth and improved rankings for Primark's website across all markets. The successful implementation of IBP as a credible data source, combined with comprehensive content and media strategies, contributed to the website's success. Primark's digital transformation has allowed the brand to connect with customers online, showcasing an expanded product range and inspiring fashion editorials, ultimately driving increased footfall and in-store sales.