Giving people confidence during Covid

Spark Foundry

Client: Asda

Customers' perceptions on grocery shopping changed because of the pandemic. Getting in the mindset of our customers was easy. We could all relate to the anxiousness that came with visiting your local shops. These feelings of angst caused a surge in demand for delivery slots, with people unwilling, or unable to visit a store.

This gave customers a window of opportunity to shop with a competitor. We needed something that would retain customers by offering them an alternative way to shop. This ‘something’ was Click & Collect (C&C). Asda offered a contactless C&C service, which gave customers flexibility to pick up their order at a time that suited them. It also gave them peace of mind knowing they could make a contactless collection. Switching from a delivery focused strategy to a C&C led one presented us with 3 key questions. How do we put customers at ease and affirm that C&C is a viable alternative option? How do we pull off a change in KPI and conversion goal with minimal impact on campaign performance? How do we make sure we offer customers services that are available in their local area? Our approach was underpinned by 3 tactics: Changing mindsets through messaging Accelerate KPI change with the use of Advanced Machine Learning Offer local availability through a custom JavaScript system We beat our C&C orders target by 90% and achieved a conversion rate 113% higher YoY, despite having less slot availability.