Generating Relevant Leads Using Contextual Ad Targeting

HH Global Interactive

Client: Anglian Home Improvements

Anglian Home Improvements is a brand with a long purchase cycle and has therefore always been reliant on the continual acquisition of new customers. This was challenging enough in a normal year, but with the outbreak of Covid-19, customer acquisition was proving harder through traditional methods. Due to lockdown, it was clear more and more of Anglian's core audience were becoming active in online spaces but accessing them at the right moment was tough going.

Anglian turned to HHGi to help overhaul its communications strategy by implementing HHGi's customer data platform to drive brand and product consideration, as well as lead generation and sales, by engaging Anglian's core target group through digital channels. HHGi, working with their partners Precise TV, devised a contextual marketing methodology to attract consumers within the specified demographic and geographic target market, who were actively searching for relevant products online. These targets were then served a pre-roll ad, related to their recent search history, prior to viewing relevant content on YouTube. The campaign achieved a cost per lead 61.51% lower than comparative cost per acquisition target from the previous best performing marketing activity, with a 61.67% uplift in conversion compared to the control. Ultimately, the campaign has been one of the most successful channel expansions Anglian has undertaken and, with a minimal spend, brought in nearly 2,000 leads from an entirely new channel.