FT Live

Financial Times (FT) Live Digital and Performance Marketing Team

The FT Live Digital and Performance Marketing team deserves to win the best in-house agency award for their exceptional performance in driving growth and delivering outstanding results. Due to the pandemic, FT Live rapidly transformed its business model from hosting exclusively in-person events to offering virtual events. To maximize the opportunity for growth, the FT Group invested in resources to capitalize on the new 'hybrid' business model and formed the Digital and Performance Marketing team in May 2021.

Following a comparative analysis, it was found that the in-house team was more effective than the external agency that originally supported them. Consequently, the team was restructured, in-housed, and made 100% responsible for executing strategic and measurable digital marketing campaigns across social media, SEO, programmatic, paid social, and search. Despite being small in number, the team has continuously leveraged data-driven insights, considered targeting, creative innovation, and optimization to drive significant growth across all key metrics and KPIs. The team has achieved remarkable results, including +226% conversions at a -56% CPA across 550+ paid media and 350+ social media campaigns. In 2022, the team generated 3,9M engagements and a total of 30K conversions with a 3x ROAS. The team's success can be attributed to a clear and defined overarching holistic digital strategy supported by individual channel strategies, a data-driven approach, onboarding new tools, launching new platforms/products, creative innovation, and automation. Despite the ongoing economic uncertainty, the team continues to deliver record-breaking performance, making them deserving of the best in-house agency award.