From meaningless spend to meaningful conversion: A journey with Ad Grant

Anything is Possible

Client: Royal Museums Greenwich

Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) encompasses the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, the Queen’s House, and the Prince Phillip Maritime Collections Centre. These five world-class attractions sit at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Maritime Greenwich. Pre-pandemic, RMG was one of the UK’s top 10 visitor attractions. Then all of RMG’s sites were closed for almost a full year. Anything is Possible were tasked to help drive audiences back to RMG’s sites from May 2021 onwards to address the shortfall in admissions and onsite spend following lockdown.

Specifically with activity across RMG’s Google Ad Grant account platform, our job was enhancing budget utilisation to drive ticket sales; increasing Ad Grant performance to recover lost opportunity costs; maximising Ad Grant utilisation drive conversion rates; plus returning marketing budget to support RMG’s charity mission. We showed RMG that reallocated Ad Grant spend could win back lost visitors and maximise revenues while preserving their vital public education mission. High intent, high conversion audiences were targeted by mapping buyer intent through search behaviours optimised for conversion to ticket sales. Splitting Ad Grant allowance between each of our new account priorities and setting max campaign budget caps required writing a bespoke script formula automation. The client gave each campaign area a priority score - which we built-out to automatically adjust budget weightings across campaigns. We over-achieved on every client objective and developed a new, automated approach, maximising Ad Grant spend allocations by mapping high-intent search behaviours.