EssenceMediacomX: Built to Breakthrough


EssenceMediacomX is part of EssenceMediacom in the UK, having officially launched in January 2023. Its foundations combine Essence’s performance, data, analytics, and creative technology DNA with MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise; but we see this year’s agency launch as chance to disrupt the old models across media, creative, innovation and analytics, to find new opportunity for brands.

We work with a large range of advertisers including some of the UK’s most loved and trusted brands such as Google, BT, ITV, Sainsbury’s, the FT, Mars and L'Oréal. We’ve built bespoke progressive agency solutions to fit their needs, including L’Oréal with Beauty Tech Labs, Google with Media Futures Group and Mars, where we deliver strategic, creative and data-driven media to drive brand and business outcomes.