Driving growth and lifetime value for Oddbox

Journey Further

Client: Oddbox

Oddbox began as a seedling in a market in Portugal. Founders, Emilie and Deepak, were browsing the fresh, beautiful, sometimes funny-looking fruit and veg on offer. It struck them that they only ever saw identical, aesthetically pleasing produce in UK supermarkets. Why was that?

They did some digging and learned that up to 40% of all produce in the UK is wasted before it leaves farms. Why? Because it doesn’t look “right” or because too much was grown - despite being fresh, beautiful, and totally tasty. Something needed to change. They knew if they could bring together hardworking producers and people who loved fresh fruit & veg — no matter what it looked like — they could build something with long-lasting impact. And so, Oddbox was born. From humble beginnings with a handful of customers, they now work directly with farmers to deliver thousands of boxes of fantastic fruit and veg every week. 2020 saw a huge surge in demand. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, more and more people were in the market for food delivery services, a service that Oddbox would gladly deliver. The brief was simple; Oddbox wanted to capitalise on market demand, and so we were tasked with growing the overall number of subscriptions. However, Oddbox thought existing marketing channels had maxed out and that the saturation point in London (their main delivery area) had been hit.