Driving brand awareness and converting new student sign ups within the student demographic

Student Beans

Client: Fiver

Fiverr partnered with Student Beans to increase awareness and engagement among the student demographic. Student Beans’ student community insights showed that Fiverr faced low awareness, with 48% of students unfamiliar with the brand. Students associated Fiverr primarily with side hustles and money-making opportunities. To address these challenges, the strategy focused on leveraging TikTok, and adopting the #LifeHack theme to capture attention.

Further insights informed the campaign’s content pillars, comprising Exams & Careers, Side Hustles & Creative Services, Escapism & Creative License. This framework allowed us to promote Fiverr’s premium services, most relevant to students. We collaborated with 5 creators to produce 5 TikTok videos using different tactics including long-form lifestyle videos for deep storytelling and informative content that tapped into relatable student moments in order to create hype and FOMO. The campaign surpassed KPIs in reach, impressions, views, clicks, and average CTR. ROI improved with a massive 80% increase in discount code usage MoM and 199% increase in new user sign-ups MoM. Reach: 1,147,162 (+310% vs KPI) Impressions: 2,185,133 (+130% vs KPI) Clicks: 17,208 (+251% vs KPI) Teamwork and collaboration were vital. We had regular meetings with Fiverr to ensure the campaign was meeting expectations. After a detailed kick off meeting, Fiverr signed off on all key aspects of the campaign including strategy, creators, concepts and content. The Student Beans Creators team worked with our wider Media Strategy Specialists to ensure Creators were at the heart of the media plan, and that scheduled media inventory supported the marketing funnel.