Driving Awareness and Consideration for Samsung Care+

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Samsung

Samsung, the leading global tech brand, launched their customer care program, Care+ to provide extended warranty coverage, expedited repair services, and personalised assistance. To drive awareness of the new product, our objective was to drive adoption of Samsung Care+ among new device owners, positioning it as the ultimate and cost-effective protection for customers’ prized Galaxy devices, particularly during the crucial post-purchase phase.

Our campaign focused on optimising the customer journey, targeting new owners and individuals displaying purchase intent, and elevating the post-purchase experience to attract potential customers. We strategically executed the campaign on TikTok and Meta, utilising user-generated content on TikTok and tailored advertising on Meta to reach specific CRM audiences. By incorporating performance data and industry best practices, we successfully showcased the benefits of Samsung Care+ in an authentic manner. Our campaign yielded impressive results, reaching diverse audiences, maximising impact across social media platforms, and driving awareness and adoption of Samsung Care+. We met all campaign objectives, contributing to improved business performance and solidifying Samsung Care+ as the preferred choice for device protection.