Delivering Record-Breaking Targets In-House with Innovation and Design Excellence

Verisure UK

Verisure UK achieved record-breaking lead generation through in-house innovation this past year. As Europe's largest home alarm company, Verisure UK faced the challenge of increasing lead generation and sales appointments in 2022 with the same budget as the previous year. This was against the backdrop of significant changes in digital tracking and privacy, as well as the rising cost of living. In order to achieve this, the In-House Digital Marketing team identified two key areas for focus - securing conversion tracking and attribution, and a focus on creative excellence. We implemented first-party data pipelines and adapted new tracking technologies to compensate for restrictions on third-party data collection. And we embraced new channels like TikTok and Snapchat with vertically oriented videos, moving beyond traditional static images. The team built a scalable and legal framework for conversion tracking, educated themselves on privacy laws, and creatively adapted content for various platforms. The results were incredible - our innovative approach led to a 36% increase in leads on Facebook/Instagram, the opening of new channels like TikTok and Snapchat with incremental leads, and the highest number of appointments created in one month in Verisure UK's history in July 2022. In conclusion, Verisure UK's In-House Digital Marketing team demonstrated excellence in innovation and design, achieving record-breaking targets. Our strategic focus on conversion tracking and creative refreshment, coupled with legal and ethical compliance, resulted in significant growth in leads and operational efficiency.