Delivering instore sales come rain or shine

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Primark

The retail landscape post-pandemic has dramatically changed, with online shopping now dominating. As high street stores face closure and online sales surge, a brand with no ecommerce presence like Primark

stood at a critical crossroad. That’s when Starcom came in, taking the challenge head-on, convincing Primark to embrace the use of advertising for the first time in their history. And yet, doubts lingered about the efficacy advertising would have on a retail giant of Primark’s stature. To really drive business change and increase in-store footfall at Primark, we needed to target non-traditional Primark shoppers with ingenious advertising content. But with the advertising landscape so oversaturated, we needed something special to break through the noise. That’s why we prioritised creative relevance, reactive content, and a hyper-personalised approach to drive action. The big idea? Dynamic reactive adverts. We partnered with Meta and YouTube to offer high-reach and low-cost solutions, collaborating with Spirable to create dynamic creative adverts triggered by weather and location. Come rain or shine, our adverts changed depending on the weather conditions. But we took it one step further still: using user location, we also dynamically inserted the name of the nearest Primark store to them, encouraging in-store visits. The results speak for themselves: we completely smashed our benchmark objective of an ROI of 4, successfully delivering relevance and bringing a flood of shoppers to Primark’s physical stores.