Decarbonizing Media and Ad Tech with Scope3


Client: Scope3

The unnecessarily complex and inefficient advertising ecosystem that exists today is costing brands, marketers and quality publishers while also contributing an excess of carbon emissions. Scope3 was started with the explicit mission to change that, and continues to be laser focused on decarbonizing media and advertising.

Not only has Scope3 developed an emissions model that precisely measures the emissions of digital advertising, with the granularity and nuance necessary to understand the actual impact on the earth’s atmosphere, the company’s products are leveraging that data to drive meaningful reduction across the industry. Over the last 18 months, Scope3 refined its methodology and continues to iterate to improve it. Scope3’s emissions data and reduction solutions are now being used by the world’s biggest brands and agencies – like Mastercard, Sanofi, Reckitt, IPG, GroupM and more – and 40+ publisher and adtech partners. The result? Concrete evidence that sustainable media performs better. Scope3 is transforming the advertising industry, eliminating waste, reducing carbon emissions and facilitating the development of an advertising ecosystem that benefits marketers, consumers and the planet.