Connecting advertising performance with business outcomes through data

Making Science UK

Client: MrQ

Ensuring digital results in isolation can meet business goals and deliver on business impact, is one of the key challenges for performance marketers in a privacy first world.
This was the main challenge for our relationship with iGaming company MrQ.
Following some investment, they wanted to grow aggressively in the UK market through leveraging Meta advertising. However, taking a no nonsense approach, they were concerned the data we were seeing in Meta did not align with the value of customers they were reporting on their end.
Our task was to acquire new users of high value whilst increasing bottom line net revenue for the client across the year.
Through better campaign decisions, more meaningful reporting, and ultimately more confidence in scaling activity, we were able to exceed client expectations in terms of growth within the UK market. Monthly acquisition spend increased coinciding with an increase in net profit and ROAS for the client.